Getting rid of Facebook Addiction, Faddiction

I admit Facebook wasn’t my first nostalgic friend. My journey of virtual social networking started 13 years ago with Nokia. Texting and talking on phone was awesome back then. Then Friendster arrived. After few months, I ditched Friendster when all my friends and relatives started using Hi5. It was cool until I met Facebook and... Continue Reading →

The 21st Century Squirrel

We were in our regular walk equipped with our camera ready to grab the opportunity on the way to the lovely park in a sunny day. That day, the sky was blue and clear. We have been seeing numerous squirrels in the park but never bother to speculate on what they are up to. Although,... Continue Reading →

Living Without Debts

Many years ago, I was so excited about opening my first account at a local bank. Bank's referral programs were spreading in our neighborhood like wild fire. Through one of the referral programs, one of my roommate convinced me to open my first account at this bank. It was summer, and I could feel the... Continue Reading →

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