7 Must have Apps to Save Money on Grocery

You might have heard a popular saying, “A penny saved is a penny earned”. There are things we regularly buy every time we go to shopping marts. Why don’t we spend some time and try to save money by using different available options? Coupons have been one of the popular ways to save money. Every year we save more than 20% of our total grocery expenditure using coupons and discounts. Nowadays, we can get e-Coupons easily using smartphones. Why not make your smartphones work for you and earn few pennies? Here are some popular apps that will allow you to save lots of money.


Our 7 favorite mobile apps to save on groceries are:



This is one my favorites apps. It is available on both iOS and Android systems. When I started first, the checkout limit was $5 but now it is $20. Good news for the new users: You can get $10 when you sign up for the very first time. Like all apps, you can transfer the savings using your PayPal. Make sure you have your PayPal account active. One of the good things about Ibotta is that you will get your rewards instantly as soon as you have crossed the checkout limit.


Tips: Refer you friends and join them in your team. More the users in your team, faster you will earn. Ibotta has many bonus offers that targets both team users as well as individual users. If you decide to choose Ibotta, please use this referral code: rcnlkni or pqnmxeu.




This is also one of my favorites apps for saving money. Although it does not much offer like Ibotta, every week it provides a 25 cents bonus for one of your favorite produces. If you believe in the sayings “Every penny counts”, then you should go for it. It took us almost a year to checkout our first reward. I would like to recommend Checkout51 to those who have lots of patience and perseverance.

Every week it offers at least 25 cents. When we first started the minimum checkout, limit was $25. Now, they have reduced to $20. They don’t have PayPal option so far. It will take from 2-3 weeks to get your reward check. Sometimes, we can save a lot by combining both Ibotta and Checkout51 for the same item we bought.





This is one of my favorites apps for saving money. One of the Pros of this app is the quick reward as there are no limits. You can redeem your savings as soon as you submit your receipt. For the first-time users, you might have to wait for a while as MobiSave will take some time to accept you as a member.




Saving Star

 We found Saving Star app recently. Like Checkout51, it provides at least one item either for free or for 20% discount. The item is usually marked as a healthy offer. Saving 20% in your healthy items like Banana, Oranges, or any other regular produce is awesome, isn’t it? It has a $5 checkout limit. They do have PayPal option to redeem our rewards. Customer service team of Saving Star is awesome. They have been so far friendly to us.




Receipt Hog

If you are frequent shopper, trying this app might be worthwhile. Even though I am not a frequent shopper, I have been using this app for years. Although we have saved $10 a year on average, we are happy with that because for us every penny counts. Receipt Hog accepts almost all recipes with some limits. As I mentioned, if you are persistence and have lots of patience, go for it. I enjoyed saving every penny, you should too. Also, if you lost your receipt, you might use this app to retrieve your old receipts.




Receipt Pal

This is another app which is similar to that of Receipt Hog. It is pretty simple and fast. More you upload receipt more you get. Receipt Pal offers variety of options for rewards. Some of the rewards include Amazon, Best Buy, Game Stop, CVS, Panera, Starbucks, VISA, and Walmart gift cards. 




Fetch Rewards

This app is little bit different from other money saving apps described above. This app awards bonus points for each receipt you upload. Not only it awards default bonus for uploading receipts but also it rewards you points if you buy items specific brands. If you happen to be a fan of Kraft, well, good for you, the app offers lots of points. 



The app offers rewards via multiple ways. Some of the popular rewards includes gift cards from Amazon, eBay, Applebee’s, Best Buy, Target, and much more.



Tips: If you refer Fetch Rewards app to your friends, you’ll get 1,500 points (equivalent to $1.50) and your friend will get 1,500 points. Please don’t forget to use this code, A9XAC while signing up for the app in order to receive 1,500 points.

By using such money saving apps, we have saved more than $700 a year. If we can save money, why not you?

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