10 Ways to Save Money on Your Grocery

Based on my experience, frugality is one of the byproducts of the self control and our perception towards money. I believe frugality is our attitude that we adapt with our experiences and our commitment towards living a simple life. Many people shop because it is one of the ways of releasing stress. Why not release stress and negativity from our life by meditating at least once a day? Meditating helped me to release stress and stay focused and so will do for you too. I bet it will help you to save you money on the long run by focusing on what you need not the things what you want.


I remember one day, I was in Kohl’s to shop for clothes for summer and there were racks filled with different clothes. I had a feeling that even if I possess the entire closet, I would not be satisfied and would still shop for more. Well, you might be thinking why I am telling you this. I think it is a good idea to have a plan to buy the things you need mainly while shopping for grocery. No doubt, it is the most important part of our grocery shopping.

“Always Have a List With You Before You Go for Shopping.”

I would like to share 10 ways you can save money on grocery shopping without clipping a single coupon.


Always get a list before you go to shop.



Eat something before going for shopping


Shopping while you are hungry makes you spend money on things you do not need at all.



Buy Produce During its Season


This has been a very good practice in my household. We buy produce during its season and rarely buy produce during off season. However, the same theory doesn’t necessarily apply  for some common produces like Onions, Potatoes and Tomatoes; most probably because they do have a high demand throughout a year.



Do not Buy Packaged Produces


Packaged produces are expensive than the regular ones. Buying fresh vegetables won’t take long to prepare. You can save lots of money by avoiding packaged produces. Buy Fresh Products always. Healthier than Packaged Products, Period.



Buy Items on Sale

Always buy the items when on sale like Canned soups, Spices, etc.




Buy Bathroom Supplies in Bulk

Toilet papers are much cheaper when they are bought in bulk. Why not local brands? In most cases, they are same. If you don’t like it you can always switch to your favorite brand.




Buy Milk or Bread which has the Furthest Deadline

Milk and bread has a small window expiration date. Search the corners of the aisles to find out the milks and breads that does not expire soon. Next time, don’t forget to notice the deadline. It will definitely save you money on the long run. 




Buy Store Brand Products

As mentioned above, you can buy store brand aluminum foils, paper plates, napkins, tomato can and other trifles. Brands like Nice in Walgreen, Great Value in Walmart, Signature at Albertsons, and Up & Up in Target. Be careful while buying store brands of Shampoos and Hair conditioners. I had a very disappointing experience in past while buying Shampoos.




Buy Reusable Items

You can replace paper towel with cloth towel. You can buy a bunch of towel for 2-3 bucks and reuse it for years. When they are dirty toss it in to the washer.



Avoid Impulse Purchases

This is similar to the first point. Whenever you are in a grocery store after spending like 5 minutes, you get overwhelmed and confused. This is when you start to shop randomly. Whenever you fill confused or over whelmed, take a deep breath and look at you list. Only shop for the item which are on the list. Consciousness is the key to the success.


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