The Flock of Birds, a Squirrel, and the Egrets

It was cold outside but much better than last week.  As soon as we walked outside, we saw flock of birds wandering from one tree to another. There were hundreds of birds all over the sky. The moment was miraculous and rare that we couldn't resist ourselves from capturing the moments in our mobile phones.... Continue Reading →

Living Without Debts

Many years ago, I was so excited about opening my first account at a local bank. Bank's referral programs were spreading in our neighborhood like wild fire. Through one of the referral programs, one of my roommate convinced me to open my first account at this bank. It was summer, and I could feel the... Continue Reading →

The Value of The Lost Coins

I was sitting in a brown leather couch, relaxing for a while. I had been continuously walking inside the mall for almost an hour. So, I decided to take rest for a while. Few young guys passed the hall way and dropped few coins on the floor. Although the guys noticed that they dropped few... Continue Reading →

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