Seven Ways to Cut Your Utility Bills

Everybody has the potential to save money. Here are some of the ways that I save some bucks around the house and in my monthly utility bill. It is not a rocket science, but these are the ways people like you and me have been saving money.



Unplug Unused Appliances

When we plug in our electronic device, it consumes minuscule amount of electricity. The best way to save the money is to unplug all the electronic devices when you are not using it. When you leave your house, unplug the appliances which are not in use.


Turn off The Light

When you leave your room, turn off the light that will help you save energy consumption ultimately saving both energy and your money.

Tips: In some areas, the cost of electricity is discounted at night. You can check your electricity service at your area to find more about this. If the discount is provided, you can use heavy electricity consuming equipment at night.


Avoid Paying Late Fees

Do you frequently miss the deadline for paying bills? Late fees or penalty fees for electricity, phone, mortgage, debt or rent is waste of money. Not only it wastes your money but also ruins your credit history. You can avoid paying late fees by paying it on time. Why don’t you keep reminders or use automatic bill payment service if available? I remember most of the utilities company provides automatic bill payment service. Make sure you have enough money on your bank account. We never had to pay late fees as we used to pay the bill on time either manually or by setting up some automatic payment options.


Negotiate and Cut Your Bills by at least Half

The phone companies are trying to entice you with one deal or other. You can call you phone company to lower you monthly payments by posing yourself as a valuable and loyal customer. If you have been with your current carrier for a long time, then they will consider your request because they don’t want to lose a valuable customer like you.

If they don’t agree on your request, you have always plenty of options to switch to a cheaper wireless provider unless you are stuck on contract. You can get unlimited call, text and 1 GB data for $30 per months in H2O wireless which is basically an AT&T company. There are plenty of options provided by large carriers. For instance, Sprint has Boost Mobile, AT&T has H2O, Verizon has Cricket wireless, T-Mobile has Ultra Mobile and Metro PCS and so on. We used to pay $150 per month years ago; we have lowered that to $22 per month for two of us. We currently use Ultra mobile and pay $19 per month and have a limited plan for $10 for 3 months in H2O.

Tips: H2O also gives you 10% discount for setting up automatic payment. It also has a referral program which allows you to save extra money by referring to your friends and family. If you ever decide to join H2O (AT&T network), please use this refer link here.


Negotiate with Your Cable and Internet Provider

This option is limited to people who live in urban areas. There is a limited internet service provider in rural as well as sub-urban areas so it might be hard in these areas. However, if you enroll for autopay option you can get about $5 discount per month depending on your provider. The people who live in urban areas has a wide range of options for an internet service. As you know, more provides mean more competition. More competition means more savings! You can negotiate with the cable and internet company to lower your payments. Also, you can buy a cheaper internet option if that it is available.

Tips: Bundling cable and internet also reduces price for most providers. If your cable and internet service provider does not agree on lowering your bill, you can tell them you are planning to switch as soon as possible. I have used this technique multiple times and it always works. If it works for me, it will work for you too. Who wants to lose a valuable customer like you? Make sure there are plenty of service providers in your area before using this technique.


Repair Your Damaged Clothes and Shoes

It’s hard to digest the fact that people are throwing their clothes because of minor stains and/or damage. By investing your extra time, you can fix your clothes most of the time. If you can save the resources and money with your little effort, then why not? We believe that it’s not necessary to own new stuffs until your current stuffs are repairable and usable.


Buy Shoes and Bags with Universal Matching Colors

The colors like black, white, tan, etc. can be used with different clothes. Therefore, if you choose a color which can mix and match with different colors then it can save you lots of money.


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