The Value of The Lost Coins


I was sitting in a brown leather couch, relaxing for a while. I had been continuously walking inside the mall for almost an hour. So, I decided to take rest for a while. Few young guys passed the hall way and dropped few coins on the floor. Although the guys noticed that they dropped few coins, they ignored and left the mall. I noticed many young bystanders walking over the scattered coins on the floor. I knew they have noticed them because they were few feet away from the guys who dropped the coins.

After a while, I saw a senior couple in their seventies walking in the same direction. When they arrived near the place where the young guys dropped the coins, the husband noticed something on the floor. Despite having difficultly bending, he collected the scattered coins lying on the off white tiled floor.

That day I noticed something different. I asked myself, “Why the young and the old guys have different opinion about money? Is it because the young guys are careless about money? Or, is it because the old guys understand the value of a penny? Is it worth a risk collecting those pennies for him?”

Well, let’s express my view based on my experiences. Let me ask you, will you pick a $100 bill lying on floor in the same scenario? I guess you will claim that, won’t you? I remember one prank show where few people placed a $20 bill on a side walk and tied the bill with a long black thread, so that the prankster can pull the $20 bill if somebody attempts to catch the bill. There were many pedestrians running for the $20 bill in that prank show. Well, that’s just an example, my point is: all pedestrians will notice and will be willing to own higher values bills but what about pennies, dimes, nickels, and quarters? Don’t you think they have value too?


Here is another real example. As a penny hunter like these senior guy I’ve mentioned above, we also believe every penny counts. When we find discrepancies on item’s price even by few pennies while shopping at super markets, we immediately notify the cashier that the marked price and the charged price are not the same. I remember a day when other shoppers behind me in a checkout line got frustrated when the cashier was verifying the price of the item by informing her colleagues. Even though, we were not in the fast checkout lane, we still could feel the rage of the shoppers waiting in the line behind us. I looked back and smiled at the lady behind us. She smirked and said, “Every Penny Counts.” Everybody knows that every penny counts but no body understand its real value. This can be a very good tip for you; many super markets make lots of profit just because people don’t realize the recent change in the marked price. They might have reduced the price in the aisle, but their system still shows the original price. We’ve saved lots of money by just being meticulous specially during the holiday seasons when people rush to get the items. Even though it seems it’s embarrassing, but it worth asking the cashier about the change. 5 out of 10 times, we have claimed such discrepancies throughout our shopping history. Being little more cautious can save you a lot.

The point of the whole story is: don’t forget that 100 pennies make a dollar. The example of the senior couple picking up the pennies is not the single incident we have noticed so far. There are many incidents still pristine in our memories that proves many young people does not see small stuffs. They see only big and flashy things. Later, we found a blog where the guy mentioned that his grandmother collects $11 a year on average by simply collecting pennies left stranded by some unknown bystanders. Inspired by that story, we decided to be penny hunters. It’s been more than two years, we’ve been continuously doing the same thing whenever we go for a walk every day. We have recorded every event in our database and here is the interesting fact. We have collected $25.96 so far, $8.65 a year on average. We have collected coins like pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and sometimes few dollars.

The moral of the story is: “Every penny counts!” Start saving today and live below your means. Nobody will be rich by collecting the pennies but that’s not the point. You will learn to value the money after that. I bet you will cherish each moment of your life and enjoy later by remembering those days when you were learning the power of a penny.

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