The Flock of Birds, a Squirrel, and the Egrets

It was cold outside but much better than last week.  As soon as we walked outside, we saw flock of birds wandering from one tree to another. There were hundreds of birds all over the sky. The moment was miraculous and rare that we couldn’t resist ourselves from capturing the moments in our mobile phones. We were literally standing near by the tree with abundant supply of holly berries for those hungry birds. We felt as if we were the early birds who get the worms. We were happy to see the flock of birds wandering here and there in the cloudy sky. We were standing in front of the tall tree and watching those little birds devouring the holly berries from the tree one by one. While we were standing there astonished by the beautiful moment, a lady appeared and started taking snapshots of that wonderful heartwarming moment.


The Flock of Birds



Birds Resting on The Tree Branches after Having Their Breakfast



Birds Devouring on the Holly Berries

We remembered our SLR as we could capture those little birds with details and clarity. We rushed towards our home like a kid who is excited to grab his toys. When we reached our home to grab the camera, we found out that the juice in the camera’s battery was almost gone. Well, we didn’t have much time for that as the opportunity barely waits for us. We decided to take the camera with us anyway. Unfortunately, it was too late for that. The birds left the tree when we were just about to take snapshots. Few minutes ago, the tree had abundant supply of holly berries, but now not a single left. They already savaged the tree. There were few holly berries lying on the ground. Although we were unable to take close snapshots of those little birds, we were able to take few more pictures while they were savaging another tree few blocks away. Those migrating birds were impatient with hunger. They left the area after clearing almost all trees near our home. 

We were happy to see and capture the dumbfounding moment but were disappointed to miss the opportunity for close snapshot. We then headed towards the park near us for the usual morning walk.

On the way, we saw a squirrel eating acorns. The squirrels from this area are not as friendly as those in New York and Illinois. They are too scared of humans. We did our best to get as close as possible without scaring them. We wanted to take their close snapshot in their natural state. After patiently waiting for few minutes, this squirrel finally gave an interesting pose. 



Squirrel Eating an Acorn

After the squirrel left, we decided to move on. Few feet away, we took photos of the wonderful green carpet of moss intertwined with the roots of the large tree. We enjoyed the harmonious relationship of the tree and the moss. It’s always wonderful and marvelous to look upon them during our daily morning walk in this beautiful park.


Life of Moss


The Great Egret Looking for Food


The Snowy Egret in the Water

After walking for a mile, we headed towards a lake near by the park. Although we weren’t planning to take any snapshots because of low battery juice in our camera, we spotted a great egret and a snowy egret lurking for the fish. As an enthusiastic photographer, we decided to take that opportunity. Just an hour ago, we missed an opportunity but this time the nature gave us another wonderful opportunity. We carefully waited for the egrets to come close. We slowly moved our feet towards the perimeter of the astoundingly beautiful lake. We didn’t want to scare them. After few minutes of patience, we finally captured them into our memory forever.


The Great Egret Concentrating on its Prey


The Great Egret Just had a snack


The Great Egret Concentrating on its Prey


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