The 21st Century Squirrel

We were in our regular walk equipped with our camera ready to grab the opportunity on the way to the lovely park in a sunny day. That day, the sky was blue and clear. We have been seeing numerous squirrels in the park but never bother to speculate on what they are up to. Although, it is not our first time to capture their snapshots, this time it was different. This time we noticed something unusual. When we reached near a large tree near by the park trail, we noticed a squirrel wandering from one spot to another.




We guessed he might be digging and hiding something. After careful observation, we concluded he has been hiding acorns all over the place. Is he hiding acorns for the future? Is that acorn resembles to money or gold for humans? Is it like depositing gold or money in different banks? I am sure if he diversifies his current collection of acorns, he might be able to spot it in the near future when he actually needs it. We were amazed by the fact that even that small creature knows that it has to save acorns for the future. That squirrel is certainly saving it for those times when the food won’t be readily available. What about us? Do we have savings for the emergency?


Not only we noticed that squirrel storing acorns underground in multiple places but also noticed that they have a special procedure to select acorns, process them before hiding them, and mark the ground for easy identification. That’s smart, isn’t it?


I think this particular squirrel is comfortable with us. He certainly knows we are taking his snapshots. May be that’s why he was posing.


He was comfortable with us being around him. For the moment we got stuck in the world of squirrel of 21st century. We pushed ourselves further and investigated how he stored those selected acorns inside the natural cavity of that tree whose roots are covered with beautiful and amazing yellow and greenish moss. That group of moss was mesmerizing.


With strong determination to find out how the squirrel hid the acorns, we decided to uncover the truth. We approached the cavity near by the roots of that giant tree and started digging to locate the acorns that the squirrel recently buried. Although we could not locate acorns, we unintentionally created curiosity for one of the biker who was traveling across the road. She approached us with a curiosity. She was riding a light weight bicycle with a yellow helmet. The interesting thing I noticed was that she was on the wrong side of the road.

I thought she must be a millennial biker who enjoys traveling around in her light weight professional bicycle. She quickly approached us and asked, “Did you find something?” “What are you guys looking for?” she continued.

For a moment, we realized we inadvertently created a scene.

“We were looking for the nuts.” I quickly answered.

“Nuts? …” She continued with her befuddled voice.

“That squirrel was hiding some nuts there.” I tried my best to settle down her misunderstanding.

“Oh … you guys were looking for the nuts?” she continued. My wife continued, “We saw that squirrel hiding some acorns right inside that hole.”

“Oh … they will come back. You guys wait here. He’ll definitely come back.” She smirked. She was confident about the squirrel’s behavior. I definitely felt  awkward vibes coming from her. She thought we were onto something great.

I assume she might be expecting something like “We were looking for some gold. We found some of them.” I saw her enthusiasm disappearing with the cold breeze coming from the north.

With a long breath with dissappointment, she said, “Have a good day, guys.”

After she left we were befuddled by that incident. It was funny and at the same time awkward. Overall the whole squirrel moment was memorable. We enjoyed watching the activities of the squirrel and talking to the stranger who approached us with lots of enthusiasm.


Meanwhile, that little squirrel taught us a valuable lesson about savings.

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